International Relations Major Courses offered for each Track- Spring 17

*** Thanks to Martha Kirby for putting this together

Here is a list of courses approved for the International Relations Tracks that are offered in the Spring 2017 semester.  The courses in bold print with an asterisk are courses that are approved for the first time in the Spring 2017 semester.  If students choose to take one of the courses in bold with an asterisk, they should contact Martha during the spring semester to update their degree audit so that the course will be appropriately applied to their international relations major.

 International Business and Economic Relations

ECON:1100 Principles of Microeconomics 4 s.h.

ECON:1200 Principles of Macroeconomics 4 s.h.

GEOG:2910 The Global Economy 3 s.h.

*GEOG:3001 Special Topics: Perspectives on Social Entrepreneurship

ECON:3345   Global Economics and Business 3 s.h.

ECON:3620   Economic Growth and Development 3 s.h.

ECON:3750   Transportation Economics 3 s.h

ENTR:4460   Entrepreneurship and Global Trade 3 s.h.

FIN:4240       International Finance (prerequisite required) 3 s.h.

MGMT:3450 Intl Business Environment (two prereqs) 3 s.h.

MKTG:4300  International Marketing (prereqs required) 3 s.h.

*POLI:3424 Global Development 3 s.h.

POLI:3504    Globalization 3 s.h.

IS:3200         Political Economy of Int’l Development  3 s.h.

Transnational Issues

ECON:3750  Transportation Economics   3 s.h.

ECON:3760  Health Economics (two prereq required) 3 s.h.

HIST:4101    History of Human Rights 3 s.h.

HIST:4508    Medicine & Publ Hlth Latin Am 1820-2000 3 s.h.

GEOG:1020  The Global Environment 3-4 s.h.

GEOG:1070  Contemporary Environmental Issues 3 s.h.

GEOG:1090  Globalization and Geographic Diversity 3 s.h.

GEOG:2110  7 Billion & Counting: Intro to Population Dynamics 3 s.h.

GEOG:3780  U.S. Energy Policy in Global Context 3 s.h.

GWSS:2045 Working for Social Justice 3 s.h.

*GWSS:3010 Transnational Sexualities

GHS:3030     Global Health Conference 1 s.h.

GHS:3050     Global Aging 3 s.h.

GHS:3110     Health of Indigenous Peoples 3 s.h.

GHS:3720     Global Health Seminar 3 s.h.

GHS:3850     Promoting Health Globally 3 s.h.

*IS:2151        Global Migration

IS:3200         Political Economy of Int’l Development 3 s.h.

*IS:355       Special Topics in International Studies: Global Food Migrations: Community, Identity, Politics

*POLI:3424 Global Development 3 s.h.


 Regional Politics and Relationships

HIST:1604  Civilizations of Asia: Japan 3-4 s.h

HIST:4502  History of Mexico 3 s.h.

HIST:4655  China Since 1927 3 s.h

HIST:4715  African History Since 1880 3 s.h

POLI:1401  Intro to the Politics of Russia and Eurasia 3 s.h

POLI:3408  Chinese Politics and Society 3 s.h.

POLI:3420  Southeast Asia: Democracy, Identity, and Dev 3 s.h

POLI:3423  The Middle East: Policy and Diplomacy 3 s.h.

*POLI:3424 Global Development 3 s.h.

POLI:3450  Problems in Comparative Politics 3 s.h.  (but under new number)

*POLI:4050 Two Koreas: Pol Econ or Regional Rivalry

Conflict and Foreign Policy

HIST:4105  World Events in Historical Context 3 s.h.

HIST:4176  Vietnam War on Film 3 s.h.

HIST:4264  U.S.A. in a World at War 1931-1945 3 s.h.

HIST:4617 History, Memory, and Pacific War 3 s.h.

HIST:4620  Japan–U.S. Relations 3 s.h

POLI:3420  Southeast Asia: Democracy, Identity, and Dev 3 s.h

POLI:3423  The Middle East: Policy and Diplomacy 3 s.h.

POLI:3503  Politics of Terrorism 3 s.h.

POLI:3521  21st Century Technology and Warfare 3 s.h

POLI:3523 Non-State Violent Actors

*POLI:4050 Two Koreas: Pol Econ or Regional Rivalry