Engage with Political Science through the Undergraduate Political Science Association (UPSA)

by Ryan Sempf 

When I came to the University of Iowa as a freshman, I had no idea where my education would take me. I thought I would major in Finance through Tippie, and that would be that. When I took Introduction to American Politics with Professor Covington, I realized that politics was my passion – not to mention something I understood well.

The opportunities that Political Science has to offer are endless, you learn quantitative research skills, hone your writing, and become a well-rounded and informed individual. However, a part of the experience that has been missing from Iowa’s political science major is a sense of community and engagement between students. As president of UPSA I have sought to develop and grow a community of engaged politically interested individuals, where we can learn and socialize outside of the classroom.

To help foster a stronger sense of community in the political science major, UPSA is focusing this semesters’ events on networking with professors and elected officials and providing community social events. We are looking forward to holding a watch party for the first presidential debate and learning about career opportunities from our great advisor Martha Kirby.

Not only does UPSA offer great opportunities through its guests and events, but we also have an executive board made up of committed individuals that want to see their peers grow. Among our board members we have former interns to the U.S. Attorney General’s office, the Iowa City Area Chamber of Commerce, and one of the top lobbying firms in Iowa. All of us want not only to see our community grow, but also our individual members. We will always be open to answer questions about applying for jobs and internships to help you grow your career.

We also encourage you to like our Facebook page below and reach out to our president – Ryan Sempf – if you are interested or curious about the opportunities we can provide.


President: Ryan Sempf


Members of the UPSA and Pi Sigma Alpha with US House Parliamentarian Tom Wickham